Location, location, location! The idea isn’t new, most of us don’t leave home without a sophisticated spatially aware smartphone in our pocket. So why is it so challenging to create a visualization of business assets to guide strategic planning? It doesn’t have to be but most geospatial teams take shape in the dark corners of information technology department. While the organic approach can work it’s often not timely and reduces attention on essential IT services while increasing infrastructure costs. It’s no secret that geospatial tools aren’t cheap and the associated skills tend to be challenging to acquire however the time has never been better to leverage public data, free and open source tools to visualize your business decisions. The missing ingredient? Experience. Let us help.

Our team of professionals brings over 30 years of combined experience in the creation of innovative geospatial solutions to support your business needs. We operate in several capacities according to what’s right for your specific situation. At the most basic level we provide geospatial strategic plans through to integrated cloud hosted turn key solutions. When applied correctly geospatial technology provide an advantage against competitors, can reduce costs and schedules that can result from poor strategic planning. Let us help you make the most out of your valuable investment in information.



We coordinate geospatial strategic planning services through the creation of detailed geospatial service master plans and simplified Agile style roadmaps by evaluating business process requirements, financial return on investment estimates, current and future demand assessments as well as vendor relationship requirements.


We can create a catalogue of services that differentiate you from your competitors complete with service level estimates. Availability, capacity, continuity, security and supplier management services will ensure that you have the resources available as required.


We give you the opportunity to decide if it’s more cost effective for your business to contract out geospatial services, build capacity in-house or a hybrid approach combining both. The planning and support for configuration, deployment, quality assurance, change management, change evaluation and knowledge management ensure ongoing sustainability.